B5 by Linda Sue Price

Museum of Neon Art

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Plan B speaks to making the best out of any situation and taking the time to re-envision visual solutions to art making. These works are composed from tubes that were already bent or included in other artwork prototypes. Through these new compositions, Price creates new and unexpected arrangements, demonstrating the importance of reassessing and recreating.

Linda Sue Price began creating neon art works in 2004 after attending a bending workshop at MONA. She continued to develop her craft and style into a freeform bending technique, without the use of a pattern that is often used as a guide by conventional sign benders. Her playful work explores luminosity and glow through abstract shapes and lines. She combines form, light, texture, and reflection through mixed media approaches that layer neon tubing with clear acrylic rods, reflective backgrounds and refractive objects.

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