Retro Frog Pin - Howdy Folks!

Museum of Neon Art

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Frog enamel pin inspired by our Green Frog Market sign.

The Green Frog Market stores in Bakersfield adopted the name from a Stockton grocery store chain that began in 1930. By 1948, the Stockton chain had four locations, at which time the owner sold the stores to build new Green Frog Markets in the San Francisco Bay Area, Oakland and San Jose. The first store in Bakersfield opened in 1934 after being granted permission to use the name. In 1946, a second Bakersfield store was added. Years later, in 1988, a third location opened. This neon frog sign (which is from the second Bakersfield location) originally came from one of the Stockton locations. The original location had a sitting frog logo and sign; but when the store remodeled and expanded in 1952, this sign was installed. With its porcelain housings and ripple tin panels, we would date this to the 1930s. "Howdy Folks" flashes on and off and the frog tips his top hat! In 2009, the owner relocated the frog to an enclosure to protect it from vandalism. In 2013, the famous frog sign was donated to MONA by the Scott Hair family after the Green Frog Market's last Bakersfield location (Store #2) closed.

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