Diver Holographic Sticker

Merch Motel

Regular price $ 3.25
This is a sticker of the image of the female diver which sits on top of the Museum of Neon Art. The diver wears a red one piece swimsuit and a red swimming cap. The background is a turquoise blue. This sticker is die cut around the body of the diver and it is made of durable holographic material. So, it's really shimmery and fun. It measures about 3 1/2 inches wide and about 1/2 inch tall. Very striking or a small sticker.

This sticker is inspired by the iconic diving lady neon signs. It's holographic and measures approximately 3.5" wide. Designed by the supremely talented Merch Motel in sunny California.

*$9.85 delivery is for USPS Priority Mail. If you're fine with MONA mailing your sticker in a #10 envelope, the cost for shipping is the cost of a stamp and you will be refunded the shipping cost difference. Thanks a bunch!

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