Book - Vintage Neon

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Book - Vintage Neon

Vintage Neon by Len Davidson

ABOUT THE BOOK: During the middle of the 20th century, neon signs turned North America's roadside into a luminous wonderland. The most compelling signs were figural: imaginative, cartoon drawings in light. Add in the magic of animation, and signs became spectaculars. These unforgettable depictions of exploding bowling pins, crashing cars, baton twirling majorettes and lassoing cowboys were fodder for legend and lore.

Neon designer Len Davidson has captured the magic with over 360 photos of superb vintage signs. He has drawn on renowned photographers, museum and private collections, as well as his own Neon Museum of Philadelphia pieces to compile the definitive photo archive. Moreover, Davidson, a Ph.D. sociologist, has recorded the legend in words. The pages echo with the voices of sign makers and shopkeepers, photographers and preservationists.

Architects and sign artisans will find this collection invaluable. It is also an essential volume for anyone who has been captured by the spell of the highway and neon's siren song.

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