Bend, Blow & Glow I

Museum of Neon Art

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Bend, Blow & Glow I

Beginning Hands-On Neon

Students will learn the basic introductory skills of neon bending, including cutting, welding and bending glass tubing to make block letters. Time will be spent over each of the torches used for neon fabrication: the ribbon burner, the crossfire and the hand torch. Instruction on processing the neon tube will be demonstrated, but the class will focus primarily on learning the bending skills. Students will focus on bending with 10mm clear glass but will also have access to 12mm and 15mm and some phosphor-coated glass for additional experience and practice.

Each student can process up to 2 complete units, but the class is more about learning the skill and processes rather than completing finished pieces. Materials and supplies are included in the price of the class, but the supplies will remain the property of the museum. If student goes beyond the set amount of materials, an additional $50 fee will be charged.

Instructor: Lyle George learned neon from a UCLA extension class in the 1980s taught by Bill Needham. Afterwards, he apprenticed with Designer Neon, Signal Hill Neon and other sign shops until he was hired by the Larry Albright Studio. As Larry Albright's assistant through the ‘90s, he did the neon work for films such as Hudsucker Proxy, Con Air, and Glen or Glenda, to name a few. Currently, he is fabricating neon work for some well-known contemporary international artists.

8 consecutive Saturdays

9am-12pm + 1pm-4pm (6-hour class with 1-hour lunch break)

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